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Romeo and juliet comprehension questions act 2

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To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Delete Quiz. Question 1. What happened to Romeo's love for Rosaline? The love flew away on a dove's wing. The love was hidden under the cloak of night. The love is dead and buried. The love was conjured by a magician. What does the following line mean? He jests at scars that never felt a wound. Mercutio jokes about love becasue he has never been in love.

romeo and juliet comprehension questions act 2

Romeo jokes about love because he has never been in love. Tybalt jokes about fighting because he has never been injured. Benvolio jokes about fighting because he has never been injured. To what does Juliet not want Romeo to swear his love? Who is the first to mention marriage? Who is the first to learn the other is a family enemy? What does Juliet instruct Romeo to send her the next day? How does the image of the pet bird foreshadow death?

The bird symbolizes how Romeo and Juliet's love soars. The pet bird is kept in a cage, much like Juliet. The bird is a black crow. Juliet may squeeze it so tightly that the might kill her little bird.

At the beginning of scene 3, what is Frair Lawrence doing? According to Friar Lawrence, how are humans like plants? They both need sunlight and water to grow.

Humans need to eat plants to survive. They both have medicine and poison. They both can heal the sick and curse the evil.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Click the plot infographic to download.

We start off with a little action: a duel between the servants of two enemy families of Verona: the Montagues and the Capulets. After the swords are sheathed, Verona's Prince shows up to say that the next person who fights is going to get killed, and he means it this time. Along comes Romeo Montague, mooning over some chick named Rosaline.

Meanwhile, Juliet Capulet, age thirteen, has just heard that Verona's most eligible bachelor Paris has his eye on her.

They're going to check each other out that night at a masquerade ball at the Capulets' house. Romeo and his friends have decided to crash the Capulet ball—in costume—because Rosaline is on the guest list. Things take a turn when Romeo meets Juliet.

They fall instantly in love, obviously, but then—gasp! It's all very dire, but, being two crazy kids in love, they have a secret meeting and decide to get married. Vegas road trip, anyone? Oh wait. No Vegas. Instead, Romeo meets with Friar Laurence to arrange the marriage, and Juliet gets her nurse to be a go-between. The Nurse meets Romeo and his friend Mercutio who thinks the whole situation is hilariousand they arrange to get Juliet to Friar Laurence.

Get ready for some more names: Benvolio, another member of the Montague posse, runs into Tybalt Capulet, who is angry about the Montagues crashing his family party the other night. Romeo, freshly married, strolls into the middle of a tense situation—which gets way tense when Tybalt kills Mercutio and Romeo promptly kills Tybalt in return.

Romeo and Juliet Quiz 1

Romeo jets, but the Prince still shows up to banish him. Hey, at least he's not going to be killed. Juliet hears from the Nurse that her new husband has murdered her cousin, which is a major bummer—but not enough of a bummer to keep her from being super stoked about her wedding night. Romeo can spend his wedding night with Juliet, but then he has to leave town while the Friar finds some way to get the Prince of Verona to pardon Romeo.

Meanwhile, back at the Capulet house, Lord Capulet decides a wedding to Paris is just the thing to distract Juliet from her grief. After Juliet's awesome, romantic wedding night, she finds out that she's supposed to marry Paris in two days. Even her nurse thinks she should marry Paris, since Romeo is "as good as dead" to her. Juliet runs over to Friar Laurence's, where she has a weird kiss with Paris and then threatens to kill herself.

Yes, exactly So, she runs home, agrees to marry Paris, and takes the poison so she can be taken to the Capulet tomb where Romeo can find her and everyone can live happily ever after.

Sadly, Romeo is a little out of the loop off in Mantua, and the news of Juliet's "death" makes it to Romeo before word of the Friar's plan. He buys some poison so he can go to Juliet's grave and kill himself, which is obviously the mature response.

But first, he murders Paris and then spends some time with Juliet's "dead" body. He drinks the poison and dies just in time for Juliet to wake up and find him dead.

The Friar, who apparently shows up at some point, tries to convince Juliet to run away, but she refuses and kills herself with a dagger. Just then, literally everyone shows up to the tomb at the same time and finds the dead lovers. Friar Laurence confesses everything, and the two lords of the rival houses are moved by their dead children's love story and agree to end the feud.This end-of-year unit draws upon the literary analysis and writing skills that students have been honing over the course of the year and asks them to apply these skills to the complex language and style of Shakespeare.

As part of their analysis, students will read, discuss, and write about the play itself and compare it to these other works. When planning out the final days of the year, teachers should be sure to leave one or two class days for review for the final exam. That review is not included in the count of days for this unit. At Match, students have a Composition class 4 days per week in addition to English class. Below, we have included Supplementary Composition Projects to reflect the material covered in our Composition course.

While the Composition Projects may occasionally include content unrelated to English 9, most have both a skill and content connection to the work students are doing in their English 9 class. These writing focus areas mostly spiral from the earlier units, providing students with opportunities to apply their writing skills to new projects. The newer skill that students are asked to develop is to consider the structure of their essays and ensure that the structure lends itself well to the task and purpose.

This assessment accompanies Unit 6 and should be given on the suggested assessment day or after completing the unit. Love: What is true love? What should one sacrifice for true love? What should one never sacrifice for love? Is the love between Romeo and Juliet true love? Fate: Is there such a thing as fate? If so, can a person avoid his or her fate? Is fate alone responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, or should certain characters be held responsible?

The motifs of light and darkness run throughout the play.

romeo and juliet comprehension questions act 2

How do these motifs help to develop the themes of the play? By this point in the year, students will have had experience crafting compare-and-contrast essays. However, this is the first time they will be explaining how one author draws upon another. For this reason, the following focus correction areas are recommended. Students will write a mix of literary analysis and narrative pieces in this unit, applying the writing skills they have practiced throughout the year.

In these projects, many of the WFAs are review and should come more easily to students at this point. Literary terms, text-based vocabulary, idioms and word parts to be taught with the text.

Vocabulary words related to standards-based literary analysis skills students will practice. Phrases or references that students may not understand because they lack prior exposure.

Topics to be covered in future grades or units that will build on content learned in this unit. Students will need a familiarity with Shakespearean language in order to access the critical 10th grade unit 10th Grade English - Unit 5: Macbeth. Read and annotate the Folger edition of the play.

Acquire and watch the Luhrmann version of the film. Read the novel Street Loveor at least the excerpts referenced in the unit plan. Answer the key thematic questions based on the film and play Take the end-of-unit exam. Read this explanation of Romeo as a Petrarchan lover. Explain the function of the prologue in Romeo and Juliet.

Analyze how Shakespeare continues to develop the theme of fate in act 1, scene 2. Explain in a well-crafted essay how Shakespeare and Luhrmann each create mood in act 1, scene 5. Explain how the interactions between Romeo and Juliet develop the themes of the play. Analyze how the interactions between Romeo and Friar Lawrence develop the conflict of the play.

Examine the differences between Romeo the lover and Romeo the friend.Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? All Categories. Grade Level.

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Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare - Act 2, Scene 3 Summary & Analysis

See All Resource Types. With 15 quote identifications and 3 choices for short essays, this no-prep quiz on Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet is an assessment that will work no matter how you have presented the play to your classes. For the first part, students choose 10 out of 15 quotes to identify the speaker.

The names of all th. Add to cart. Wish List. With close reading questions, discussion questions, writing prompts, interactive notebook activities, bellringer writing prompts, and a complete answer key, this no-prep literature guide to Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 1, Act 2 Scene 2, Act 2 Scene 3, Act 2 Scene 4, and Act 2 Scene 5 is a complete t.

HandoutsAssessmentInteractive Notebooks. This worksheet explores key parts of the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet. It asks students to pull out evidence from the text to explain things both Juliet and Romeo said.

It also asks them to reflect on their decision to marry. English Language ArtsClose Reading. WorksheetsActivitiesHandouts.

This document has guided reading notes for scenes All of Act 1There is a writing assignment at the end. The questions are standards based. This is a great resource. Seven pages and days of prep-work completed!

Not Grade Specific.Encourage your readers to use textual evidence to answer the 39 questions in this eight-page packet. All six scenes are included from Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet. Give this resource to your class to help guide them through reading the section independently.

Save time and discover engaging curriculum for your classroom. Reviewed and rated by trusted, credentialed teachers. Get Free Access for 10 Days! Curated and Reviewed by. Lesson Planet. Resource Details. Reviewer Rating. Grade 8th - 9th. Subjects English Language Arts 3 more Resource Types Worksheets 1 more Audiences For Teacher Use 1 more Concepts textual evidenceevidenceromeo and julietwilliam shakespearereading comprehension.

More Less. Additional Tags romeo and juliettextual evidencereading comprehension questionsreading guideact 2. Start Your Free Trial Save time and discover engaging curriculum for your classroom. Try It Free. As your readers come across scenes ii, iii, and iv, have them use this list of study questions to focus their reading. The guide encourages the identification of literary devices, Your passion for Act II of Romeo and Juliet will lend your readers power, and time means, to meet your expectations for an extreme worksheet.

Help your readers manuever through the text with this six-page reading guide. Originally designed for an honors classroom, these questions would be doable for a college As your class reads Act 4 of Romeo and Juliet, provide them with this reading guide.

Each of the five scenes contain questions that focus on that selection. Encourage your pupils to use textual evidence citing it correctly of course to The questions are divided into scenes, and they focus on reading comprehension, interpreting the text, and studying developing characters. The majority of the prompts for Act IV focus on events in the play; however, some require readers to interpret events or draw conclusions.We will spend the first 10 minutes of class today reviewing the answers to the study guide homework.

I am having students exchange papers and grade their peers' responses. I usually don't have them do this, but I think we are at the point that we should be able to score our peers' work fairly and correctly. Also, when students grade their peers work, they can learn from them and correct any missteps in comprehension.

This way, if any questions arise, I will be able to ask the person that scored it. I am reviewing the study guide responses because we will be taking a quiz shortly, and this will also serve as a review for the quiz. I am giving them this quiz in order to see whether they have comprehended this chunk of the play.

This can also be used as a study guide for future assessments and conversations about Romeo and Juliet. If students were listening during the review, they will do well on the quiz.

I have chosen this quiz because it requires students to show that they understand character motivations, conflicts CCSS. In the future, students will be required to take selected response quizzes on the PARCC assessments and on our Maryland High School Assessment, so I try to provide frequent exposure to these types of test questions.

Students will be taking on character roles in the play as we read it aloud and work our way through the study questions. We are reading the act out loud because drama makes more sense when acted out or read aloud. Also, my students are anxious to take on roles in the play. I will also allow students to pose and respond to their peers' questions about the text CCSS. Here's a clip of the balcony scene of Act II. If students get too bored with reading as a whole group which mine never do I will allow them to read independently or read in smaller groups CCSS.

This is an answer key that I found at the link above, so you will need to create a student version before giving it to students. I am having them read this part at home because this is a short week for us, and we will only meet once this week. My students need to be able to read independently for understanding CCSS.

Romeo and Juliet

The older English version of the play appears in the McDougal Littell 9th grade English anthology, but I am also posting the side by side link to No Fear Shakespeare for students that would prefer to read the modern version side by side with the classic version. The study guide questions focus on CCSS. Empty Layer. Home Professional Learning.How did love kill joy in the whole play of Romeo and Juliet? Romeo and Juliet were madly in love, and as a result of their family feud, they marry in secret.

The plans and the secrecy lead to the death of both Romeo and Juliet, death causes by senseless fighting that no one can even remember the reason for Romeo and Juliet. In the first act, we learn that Romeo is lovesick. He is feeling sorry for himself because the young woman he believed himself to be in love with has decided to remain unmarried and unattached.

In essence What plans do Romeo and Juliet make?

romeo and juliet comprehension questions act 2

Romeo and Juliet study guide contains a biography of William Shakespeare, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Romeo and Juliet essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Remember me. Forgot your password? Buy Study Guide. Lord Montague. William Shakespeare. Arthur Brooke. Christopher Marlowe. The reason is not given.

romeo and juliet comprehension questions act 2

The Capulets cheated the Montagues out of a business. Lord Montague killed Lady Capulet's father. The Montagues support the Prince. They grow sick and must rush home.

Romeo and Juliet-Act 2

Street violence is illegal. They mistake the Montagues for other people. They are frightened. He stabs the Montagues.

He bites his thumb. He curses the Montagues. He calls the Citizens of the Watch. He is a pacifist. He runs away.

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